We offer primers for coating systems with maximum service life expectancy.

The most widely used primers in multicoat systems are typically some type of epoxy, polyurethane, alkyd or acrylic versions. Very important features are the short drying times, ease of application, long recoat times and compatibility with the specified topcoats. The re are two main sectors Prospectrum Coatings is focusing on - the heavy-duty anticorrosion & indistrial and OEM. Bridge and sophisticated steel structure construction require as long service-life expectancy as possible and zinc-rich/surface-tolerant/MIO epoxies and moisture curing polyurethanes are the best performing products for primers and intermediate coats here.

Our range of heavy-duty anticorrisive primers and intermediate coats includes:

- zinc-rich primers

- surface-tolerant primers

- rust sealers

- MIO undecoats