Stone chip anticorrosion protection and sound suppression
Stone chip anticorrosion protection and sound suppression
Gravicoat – is a highly efficient undercoating and automotive stone protection based on synthetic rubbers. The product is applied on wheel arches, door panels and sills. High grade anticorrosion resistance, stone chipping and road salts.
  • high temperature resistance and elasticity at frost
  • overcoatable with almost any topcoats
  • increases sound suppression
  • compatible with original PVC coating
Directions to use:
  1. Remove rust, degrease, clean thoroughly and dry the surface to treat
  2. Cover the surfaces which are not subject to be coated
  3. Agitate the recipient
  4. Apply at a distance of 25 cm .
  5. The protective coat dries after 30-60 min and can be overcoated after 1-2 hours; when using 2K lacquers, apply first a mist coat and let it dry
  6. For more detailed information refer to the original TDS